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Month: March 2018

Heavenly Ski Resort

Resort Profile Heaven the slopes may be; for the wonderful panorama across picturesque Lake Tahoe and the winter desertlands of Nevada. A big, snowsure mountain comprehensively served by snowmaking with a network of well linked tree lined trails which combine to offer a good range of interesting terrain to suit most standards, but for those whose ideal resort ambience is quiet and alpine then the neon mid rise glitz of South Lake Tahoe – the main town serving Heavenly – might rank as close to hell. The resort sits astride the border between Nevada – where gambling is legal – and California, where it is not. The gambling palaces on the Nevada border mean accommodation is plentiful and most subsidised. The multi-storey casino hotels offer some good deals, good views from the upper storeys and passable food if you can live with the tacky surroundings. This part of town is set up for not much other than skiing, sleeping, gambling, malls and convenient eating. There are few shops and stand-alone bars and the traffic is unpleasant. On the California side of the state line is a new Heavenly Village project which is seeking to build a more authentic village centre with a gondola station right to the state line, and a few more attractive hotels, restaurants, bars and an ice-rink are being built around here, and the prospects are...

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Snow is falling, areas are starting to open…are you ready?

Here’s a little checklist of some things you may have forgotten and couple things that will make  your first few days a success. Equipment- Check the binding settings, make sure they get back to where they were last year if you released them over the summer…and no don’t crank them back up to 17, I’d recommend knocking them back maybe a din or two for the first few ski days…you’re not in top form…I think it’s better to come out than to wake up in ER. Also make sure those boots still fit properly…you can do this or take them in to Sturtevants and have them test the bindings…it’s much cheaper than ACL surgery. Wax…if you haven’t in a awhile…why not? I believe you can’t wax a ski too much. WSB’ cycles as I call them-the more the merrier…wax, scrape, brush. Skis should have at least 3-4 of these cycles before being skied on….I typically put 15-20 on a brand new pair of skis.  I use Swix BP88 base prep a a first couple cycle wax…a little tip…scrape while skis are still warm and you’ll pull out all that old stuff that builds up in there. Brush them out with at least 10-12 passes of a medium horsehair or combo horsehair/brash brush…using both is best…combo then horsehair. Brushes are available at Sturts also. After 3-4…or 15-20 WSB cycles, I...

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Rock Climbing tips for Beginners

The following tips are provided for your improved climbing experience, but remember to get better at rock climbing, you have to spend a lot of time on the rock. 1 Warm Up and Stretch. Before starting to climb take time to loosen your muscles and joints. Warming up correctly and stretching before climbing is vital for improving flexibility and blood circulation which will increase your climbing experience. Just by doing this simple step before climbing could increase the difficulty at which you climb. While climbing you will be using many different muscle groups and will place your limbs in extreme positions not experienced in normal daily life (unless you are a rigger or a full-time climbing instructor). Warming up and stretching will help your muscles, ligament and joints move easier and last that bit longer. 2 Preview and examine the Route. Learning to read a route is a skill which requires training just as much as the physical and technical side of climbing. Before you start a climb a route take time to examine and visualize as much as possible from the ground (certain sections maybe out of sight). Find the crux and work out the best approach to be in the best possible position to attempt it. Anticipate balance, reach and the move you will make and make a mental note of your hand a feet positions. Using...

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A Quick Look at Keystone Ski Resorts

Keystone Ski Resorts Information Three Mountains, Five Bowls One of the first resorts in Colorado to open each year, and one of the last to close, Keystone Ski Area is composed of three mountains stacked one behind the other, from the two distinct base areas of River Run and Mountain House on Keystone Mountain, to the Outback area’s bowls and tree skiing. From the top of the mountain, you can view almost all of Summit County from Breckenridge and Arapahoe Basin to Copper Mountain and Vail. If you want epic skiing with a great resort atmosphere, Keystone is the place to be. Keystone Stats Acres: 3,148 Vertical Drop: 3,128 feet Trails: 121 Lifts: 20, including 2 gondolas, 1 express six-pack and 5 high-speed quads Longest Run: 3 miles Activities in Keystone Keystone offers the largest night skiing operation in Colorado, as well as one of the top-rated children’s ski and ride schools in the country. Keystone Resort prides itself on offering their guests a full range of off mountain activities to meet your needs. Come ice skate on the largest, Zamboni maintained, outdoor ice rink in the U.S.; take a scenic gondola ride, a horse drawn dinner sleigh ride, visit the cross country center for lessons, the Full Moon Snowshoe Tours, or take the kids out on the Discovery Tubing Hill. And don’t forget to ask our agents about...

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Copper Mountain – Skiing and Much More

Resorts in Copper Mountain Even though it is now the largest ski area in Colorado’s Summit County, Copper Mountain is still a hidden gem of a ski destination. For nearly thirty years, the locals have taken advantage of Copper’s “nearly perfect mountain” terrain for great skiing and riding. Copper has a great blend of terrain for all levels, bowls, glades and super pipes. Ski Copper Mountain– The terrain on Copper Mountain Ski Resort suits skiers of all levels. Ski schools and quality beginner slopes on the western side of the mountain featuring smooth and long groomed runs make Copper Mountain ideal for beginners. Intermediate terrain can be found in the center of Copper Mountain and advanced skiers can challenge themselves on the eastern side with four expert-only bowls – Copper Bowl, Union Bowl, Spaulding Bowl, and Resolution Bowl. The Village atmosphere and year-round activities and events make this place seem more like a hip neighborhood than a ski resort. Aside from skiing, Copper Mountain also offers a wide array of outdoor activities in the White River National Forest, too. Don’t miss out on Copper Mountain, a local favorite for good reason. Location: Copper Mountain is 75 miles from Denver just off of Interstate 70. Copper Mountain Stats: Base Elevation: 9,712 feet Summit Elevation: 12,313 feet Vertical Drop: 2,601 feet Lifts: 22 total (1 six-person, high-speed lift; 4 high-speed quads; 5 triple...

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