Skiing Disciplines – Styles in Skiing
Through the years, Skiing has evolved in many ways resulting in various different Skiing Disciplines and Styles. Each of these had developed through the years coming up with their own specific specializations, high-tech gear, and equipment with their own fanbase. In this section, we will take a close look at the following Skiing Disciplines:

Alpine Skiing Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing is the most general Skiing Discipline practiced by most skiers. It can be considered as the starting point of all non-Cross- country Skiing Disciplines. We will look at some of the sporting events connected to Alpine Skiing.

Telemark Skiing Telemark Skiing
Telemark Skiing uses a turning technique that is admired by many and mastered by few. In this section, we will look at some of the finer points of Telemark Skiing including the telemark disciplines, learning how to do telemark turns and most importantly, the telemark skiing equipment.

Cross-country Skiing Cross Country Skiing
Cross-country Skiing is the most accessible form of Skiing and it is easy to be learned by people of all ages and strength. Check out the important points in Cross-country Skiing, its techniques, disciplines and equipment.

Freestyle Skiing Freestyle Skiing
Like Freestyle Snowboarding, FreeStyle Skiing brings Skiing to new heights using Skis in many other ways to come up with new disciplines, jumps, and tricks. Freestyle skiing began as a training for skiers and was later considered as a sport.

Speed Skiing Speed Skiing
This Skiing Discipline focuses totally on achieving the highest speed possible on Skis. It is the sport wherein one must be the fastest skier in a straight line downhill. This is done using high-tech equipment such as longer Skis and aerodynamic materials and shapes.

Ski Jumping Ski Jumping
Ski Jumping is one of the oldest forms of Skiing Competitions. This focuses on flying as far and as smooth as possible using your Skis for maximum lift. Take a look at the origin of Ski Jumping, its Disciplines, and the features of Ski Jumping equipment.

Skiing – Related Sports

Water Skiing Water Skiing
Water Skiing is another activity which can be considered as a Skiing Discipline and also as a recreational activity. Get familiar with the important points in Water Skiing such as its History, Disciplines, and Safety Measures.

Roller Skiing Roller Skiing
An all-year-round Skiing Discipline taking Skiing to the road. Roller Skiing is done by professionals all around the world to continue training in the off season and is now a competitive sport. It is the non-snow equivalent of Cross-country skiing.

Grass Skiing Grass Skiing
Another all-year-round skiing discipline taking skiing to a new surface: Grass. Grass Skiing is done on grassy slopes using special gear and padding. It started as a training method for Alpine Skiing. Let’s take a look at how it started, its equipment and its training.

Heli Skiing Heli Skiing
In Heli Skiing, a Helicopter can take you where a normal transportation cannot reach and drop you on the best slopes you ever dreamed of. Find out how it all started. In this section, we take a closer look at Heli Skiing.

Snowboarding & Boarding – Related

Snowboarding Snowboarding
The largest variation on Skiing is Snowboarding. In fact, snowboarding is growing so fast that it is expected to overtake skiing! Snowboarding is a very common sport throughout the world. We have a dedicated site on Snowboarding.

Mountainboarding Variations on Snowboarding – Mountain Boarding
The end of Snow Season means the end of all boarding fun for many Snowboarders. However, there are some who take this point to the next level and practice Mountain Boarding. Mountain Boards are similar to Snowboards but have 4 wheels and suspension so you can ride on dirt and rocks.

Sandboarding Variations on Snowboarding – Sandboarding
Like Mountain Boarding, this boarding sport can be done in all seasons. Grab a board, find a sand dune and cruise down. Although still far from mainstream, sandboarding is growing rapidly popular. Read more about it here in this section.

Kite Snowboarding Variations on Snowboarding – Kite Snowboarding
No more need to hit the mountains and hills and use gravity. Kite Snowboarding is similar to Kite Surfing and uses the power of the wind to move you at great speeds across flat plains. Learn more about this exciting new sport.

Skiing comes in different Disciplines, and each has its own features and offers a different kind of excitement and thrill for every skier. Thus, you can enjoy the wonders of Skiing depending on your preferences and in almost any way you want it.