With all of the wealthy holiday food, the brilliant exercise which bottle of mulled wine you saw off round the fire of the La Plagne chalet the evening before, you might place your light mind and nausea lower to heartburn, fatigue or perhaps a hangover. But frequently, the actual reason is altitude sickness.

Altitude sickness could be a real problem for snowboarders, especially out in the wild locations. It’s a problem that is frequently overlooked but which may be very harmful when you are affected although on the slopes. Even straight from your La Plagne chalet it may be an very uncomfortable experience.

Signs and symptoms of altitude sickness include:


Physical weakness




Head aches

Lack of fluids

Mental Confusion

Sleep Problems

The results of altitude sickness although skiing can are the uncomfortable towards the very harmful. You’re unlikely to locate yourself suffering too seriously inside your La Plagne chalet because skiing accommodation is frequently situated less than the ski slopes themselves. But when up and able to ski, especially at altitudes more than 6,500 foot, you can get into real trouble.

There has been lots of frightening reviews of altitude sick snowboarders becoming confused and lost within the cold. The important thing, based on many health care professionals, is hydration. Consuming plenty of water, around 8 litres each day, can assist you to battle altitude sickness. Equally, staying away from considerable amounts of coffee and alcohol might help prevent you becoming dehydrated and for that reason altitude sick.

Climbing mountain tops gradually will also help to lessen the issue. Possibly investing the very first day of the skiing holiday on lower ski runs after which moving up the ladder is suggested, as this allows the body to get accustomed to the possible lack of oxygen. Most importantly, starting point! If you think unwell then avoid skiing, snuggle in your La Plagne chalet and, when the signs and symptoms persist, consult a nearby physician who definitely are well experienced in altitude sickness problems.