Flying through the air inside a metal can with wings (a REALLY advanced one, but STILL) is already a scary enough thought as it is without the added stress of endless queues and long security checks.

With that in mind, we have put together a list that will get you through the airport like a true travel boss!

Follow these simple tips and give Clooney’s character in Up in the Air a run for his money.


10 tips that will take the hassle out of your travels and get you through the airport in no time.


Travel during the week

Avoid crowded weekends.

Most people start their vacations on the weekends, and business travels usually take place during the beginning or the end of the week, making Tuesdays and Wednesdays the most unpopular – therefore less crowded – days of the week to travel.

If you have a flexible schedule consider taking advantage of the decreased demand for seats on Tuesdays and Wednesdays: you’ll get shorter lines at the airport and you’re also likely to score better ticket prices.


Check in online

Skip the lines at the airport.

Most major airlines allow you to check in online within 24 hours of your flight’s departure. Do this and avoid the endless lines at the ticket counter.


Download everything

Keep the important stuff with you at all times.

You might have trouble getting online for some reason, so it’s important to download (or screenshot) all the important documents you might need, like boarding passes or maps. Even though we all live in the digital age, you may even consider printing the most important things – just in case your battery dies.


Follow the suits

Avoid queues with big families and kids.

Big families with children always take longer to get done, especially when getting through security.

Join the line with the most business folks – they know what they’re doing and it will move along much quicker.


Dress appropriately

Pack your jewellery and choose your outfit with care.

What you wear can help determine whether you pass through screening quickly or are given a pat-down.

Avoid wearing something too loose-fitting as you may be asked to remove it. Take out your accessories and jewellery beforehand and wear a pair of shoes that you can easily remove without trouble.


Pack smartly

Keep important items easily accessible.

Make sure your electric devices and liquid bags are at hand, so that you can easily take them out and store them away during your screening process.


Mind the Wi-Fi

Don’t get too personal.

Remember that airport Wi-Fi is public Wi-Fi, so it’s likely unprotected.

Always browse using a secure (SSL) connection; otherwise you risk losing personal data to a hacker.


Double your power

Bring a power splitter.

Power outlets can be scarce and, especially during long waits, you may need to charge up your devices. Splitters are a cheap solution to this problem, with the added bonus that you can even make new friends.


What’s the rush?

Wait for the other passengers to board first.

Instead of rushing to the gate, wait for the other passengers to get in first while doing something more useful, like a bit of reading – or even catching up on some work. This way you’ll avoid standing in line and might even be lucky enough to get a seat upgrade if the plane isn’t full.


Be prepared

Expect the unexpected.

Carry essentials and some spare clothes in your hand baggage in case your luggage goes missing.