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Heli Skiing to Unlimited Power Runs Most skiers love Powder Snow Condition and most will have experienced something like this: It is the evening before you are planning a day of Skiing pleasure. You look outside and to your excitement, you see that it is snowing… hard! You adjust your alarm clock with the idea of being one of the first on the slopes so you can ride some fresh Powder. You jump into bed and wake up. You make your way to the slopes as fast as possible then to your big disappointment: the fresh Powder is gone as hundreds of tracks run down the slopes. You were too late once again… the end of your Powder dreams.

This common frustration and the urge of many skiers to ride infinite untracked Powder fields have led to one of the most exciting forms of Skiing: Heli Skiing. Heli Skiing or Heli Boarding as could be expected requires a Helicopter. There are however an increasing number of agencies who offer Heli Skiing packages that include helicopter transportation to the top of great slopes and pick up at the bottom. In this way, you can enjoy full days of unlimited fresh Powder runs as you are dropped off at slopes that are unreachable by normal transportation. Once you have finished your amazing run, you are simply picked up by the helicopter and are then brought to the beginning of another great run.

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As you can imagine having a helicopter and pilot at your disposal will not be cheap. The costs will often be lower however than you would expect for this rare luxury. Many different operators offer many different packages that vary in:
Duration – the number of days you go
Number of Runs – the total number of runs you are going to make
Vertical Meters – the total amount of vertical meters you are allowed to descend
Accommodation – quality of accommodation
Meals – quality of the meals included
Luxury Perks – private guides, chefs, physical therapists, etc.
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A single Heli Skiing day will cost between a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. We definitely recommend you to take a good look around before booking such a trip. Make sure you are going with a trusted agency. Ask for references to people who have gone before and try to check up on testimonials. If you are going to spend so much money on what is sure to be one of the most exciting trips in your life, then do the research. Make sure to prepare well, good agencies will give you list of the equipment you should and should not take with you. Finally, make sure your skills level in Powder Skiing is high enough to get value for money. Advanced Intermediate to Expert skiers will get most of their trip. As a beginner it will be a waste of money if you end up stranded in chest deep Powder.