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Telemark Skiing Telemark Skiing features the excitement of speed and free-heel Skiing. In this Skiing Discipline, the heels of the Ski Boots are not connected to the Skis. The Ski Bindings are only attached at the toe end. This is also the reason why Telemark Skiing is sometimes called Free-heel Skiing. In this section, we will look at different aspects of Telemark Skiing:

The word Telemark originated from a region in Norway where Sondre Norheim introduced the so-called Telemark turn in 1868. One important highlight in the history of Telemark Skiing is the introduction of the first super-sidecut Telemark Ski in 1996-97. Many skiers look with respect and awe at Telemarkers admiring both the grace and skill that is connected with Telemark Skiing. Telemarking has grown a lot in popularity through out the world with more specific equipment and lessons becoming available to more people.

Telemark Disciplines

There are at least three Telemark Disciplines which are governed by the International Ski Federation – Telemark Giant Slalom, Telemark Classic, and Telemark Sprint Classic.

Telemark Giant Slalom
This competition event is similar to Giant Slalom, except that Telemark Giant Slalom features a jump which is judged based on style and distance.

Telemark Classic
Also has a section of Giant Slalom. This competition event includes one jump, one 360� turn, as well as one uphill run.

Telemark Sprint Classic
In this competition event, the skier executes a 360� turn after finishing a downhill section and runs using the Cross-country Skiing’s Classical Technique for about 200 meters.
Learning How

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Telemarking is something you really have to try to learn it. Watch how others Telemark and try to understand their body movements. You can try your first Telemark turns without the help of an instructor by using any free-heel Skiing equipment available to you. If you decide that you really want to get into it, it would be better to look for a qualified instructor. Here are some guidelines in learning how to Telemark:

Begin to slide down a slope with feet shoulder – width apart and in a balanced posture.

Slightly bend your knees, ankles, and waist toward the ground.

To start a Turn, flex one knee close to the ground and slide the same foot backwards. Then glide the other foot forward.

To turn left, place the left Ski Pole downhill and to the left side of your body. Similarly, plant your other Ski Pole when you want to turn to the right.

Rotate your hips, knees, and ankles to maneuver your feet to where you want to go. Turn around using the planted Ski Pole as your indicator.

Make sure that weight is distributed evenly on the uphill edges of your Skis.

After the Turn, extend your knees, ankles, as well as your waist upward.
Telemark Skiing Equipment

You need special gear in this Skiing Discipline, at least for some equipment. Generally, there are specifications for Skis, Ski Boots, and Ski Bindings, and you can make use of the same equipment you use in other Skiing activities. Here are some of the features of Telemark Skiing equipment:
You actually do not need specific Telemark Skis to learn how to Telemark. Many regular Alpine Skiing Skis will do in the beginning. Just make sure to use relatively wide Skis that are not too long. You can switch to Telemark Skis which are usually less stiff than Alpine Skis as you improve. Nonetheless, here are some things to consider when buying Telemark Skis:
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Flexible and lightweight Skis are very helpful to Telemarkers because there is less pressure from the legs when carving a Turn. To see if the Skis are flexible, push the Ski on the middle while bracing on its tail and tip.
You can have two options: a conventional Ski or the shaped Ski. The first one offers more stability and speed, while making Turns is easier if you use shaped Skis. Choose the one that will meet your requirements.
Take your time in choosing Telemark Skis. Check a couple of Skis and choose the one that meets your Skiing needs.

Skiers who are into Telemark Skiing usually use Ski Boots made of plastic.

One primary feature of Telemark Skiing is that the heels of the Ski Boots are not attached to the Skis. Therefore, you should have a combination of Ski Boots and Ski Bindings which permits you to raise your heel from the surface of the Ski.

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